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Shoe Inserts Springfield Good Feet Stores for Pain Relief

Every time your foot strikes the ground it is subjected to pressure up to eight times your body weight. And, the ground absorbs much of your kinetic energy which means you have to work harder to push yourself forward while walking. Anyone who has ever worked on concrete floors all day can tell you that losing energy to the ground can make your feet (and your whole body) very tired, very fast!

To relieve foot pain many people buy shoe inserts at the drugstore. Unfortunately, these products typically aren’t designed to work as hard as you do. Most drugstore inserts are made of EVA or a similar foam compound. These foam materials tend to break down rather quickly. The average shoe insert loses its shape and comfort within a few weeks; even faster if your workday keeps you on your feet.

Good Feet® shoe inserts are constructed of all-natural 100% sponge rubber. Instead of just softening the impact you feel when you walk or run, sponge rubber actually springs back. Think of it as “putting the spring” in your step. This means that Good Feet cushions can actually return lost energy to your body with every step. Combined with our Good Feet Arch Supports, the results are fantastic.

Good Feet’s® Comfort Cushions with antimicrobial technology are not only ultra comfortable, they’re environmentally friendly too.

These Comfort Cushions provide amazing shock absorption which can reduce pain or injury, while increasing comfort. Enhanced with an antimicrobial solution, they wick away moisture and help combat fungus and foot odor.

Shoe Inserts from Springfield Good Feet are also lightweight, reversible and biodegradable which is good for your feet as well as the environment.

Your Springfield Good Feet® stores have shoe inserts in several varieties. A Certified Fitter will help you choose the styles that best suit your needs. See them today!


Orthotics is the branch of medicine that manages the use of artificial devices such as splints and braces. An arch support or shoe insert is an orthotic device used to prevent pain and assist easier movement.

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